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Academic Overview

STELLAR is well appreciated for its academic merit. The students in our school are outstanding performers in different national and international exams. The brilliance of our students is the best mark for our excellence. The quality of education for our learners is guaranteed with globally reputed accreditations and accepted syllabus. The institution follows stringent policies for keeping our educational standards at the best.  We nurture students from the root to advanced levels, from kinder garden to higher secondary education. At STELLAR, the educational strategies are personalized and structured as per the age, capacity, and interests of our pupil.

Our Learning Ethos

Our Learning Ethos is centered in making our children grow into confident, committed, and considering individuals. We always strive hard to make them a better person than just a professional. We encourage each student to take hold of different responsibilities in school and help them to develop a charisma to phase challenges. The training for an upright team member will start from the budding age that is to appreciate them to become corporative and collaborative persons with good communication skills and a deep understanding of society.

Moral Education

At STELLAR, we inspire students to value each other. As a part of our curriculum, we provide moral education classes for our students on a regular basis. The classes are intended to raise moral values in students and provide intellectual resources to enable them to make reasonable judgments over any matters of moral importance. The moral education cultivates deep-rooted ethics and values in students that develop in them the sense of right, respect, humanity, love etc.


We provide an array of extra opportunities for our students to grow their individual passions and potentials. We built perfect platforms for developing our student’s extracurricular talents and encourage them to participate in different competitions. By understanding children’s innate abilities, we keep them motivated to achieve high performance. The extra-curricular activities coaching are conducted on a weekly basis and students can choose classes from choices including drawing, boxing, skating, chess, drama, dance and many more.

Learning Support

We are having an efficient Learning Support team at STELLAR to support students with any difficulties in studying. Whether the problem is physical or mental, our supporting hands offer specialist targeted solutions. We also comfort students to resolve any issues related to personality and boost confidence in children with proper training and assignments. Our specialist includes speech therapists, educational psychologists, communication specialists etc. both from Oman and abroad to offer our pupils with perfect support.

Our Results

Our excellence is reflected by our students’ academic brilliance. No student can go backward in studies with our systematic and methodological training. The results of the main exams attended by our students’ echo the power of our school’s educational strategies. All our batches are marking cent percent success in academic exams. The aluminous of our institution are well performing in professional fields they are up to and holding many reputed job positions in Oman and overseas.